4-bell Seth Thomas Sonora Chime Clock Case Revamp

Restoring the Case

This owner’s sentimental attachment to this beautiful 4-bell Seth Thomas Sonora Chime Clock prompted  me to test my faux-finishing abilities. I attempted to re-create the simulated rosewood finish it originally boasted in its Adamantine skin.

Getting to the Original Base

It had been sanded through and over-painted as you can see in the first image. I completely covered the case in a good quality sand-able primer. Then “wet-sanded” to a smooth surface. Next I colored the case to the lightest colored element in the original finish by comparing it to a good Adamantine case here in the shop.

Completing the Faux-Finish of the Seth Thomas Sonora Chime Clock

Next I used a water-based black to apply the dark “graining” effect. This was followed by a reddish wipe to complete the coloring. The entire case was then clear coated several times. It was rubbed out again, followed by several coats of wax.

ahhhhh…. I think patted myself on the back. A beautifully restored clock case returned to a happy owner.        John

Here’s a link that describes the history of the Seth Thomas Adamantine clock.


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