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Horology (from the Greek words for “time” and “study”) refers to the art or science of measuring time. The term “horologist” is used to describe people who professionally handle timekeeping instruments or aficionados and scholars of horology.

Gear of pendulum clock
John Stephens
is a horologist in both senses of the word. In addition to a lifelong interest in clocks encouraged by his father, John Sr., he attended the Bowman Technical School in Lancaster, PA specializing in both clock and watch making.



A beautiful display of clocks in the shop.
In 1977, he returned to Maryland and established Stephens & Stephens as you know it today, moving to the present location on Havre de Grace’s historic St. John Street in 1994.

Known endearingly to Havre de Grace locals as “the clock shop,” Stephens & Stephens offers a complete range of services for clocks, watches, and timepieces from routine maintenance to total restoration.

“Working on antique clocks is a chance to look at something 200 years old that was made in an attempt at mechanical immortality.”

–John Stephens, from The Baltimore Sun’s
“Time-Honored Art,” January 2008.

beautifully restored 4-bell Seth Thomas Sonora Chime Clock Case

Beautifully restored case

Stephens & Stephens
is highly trusted for repair and restoration work by discriminating collectors and owners all over the East Coast, including the State of Maryland, The Governor’s Mansion, The State House, and The Homewood House Museum at Johns Hopkins University, MBNA.

Best of Baltimore in 2000

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