Spider Clock!

You just never know what you’ll find in an old clock. When I opened the case to this one, I was greeted with a pretty little nest of spider!!!

Spider nest in antique clockSo if you’re a wee bit squeamish about opening boxes with unknown content, you might want to bring that old clock into Stephens & Stephens Clocks. Not that we’re so BRAVE, mind you. Just that we may be a little more prepared for the ‘unexpected’!!!


Buying Antique Clocks Online

This is the time of year when we search for the perfect gift. It can be a challenge. If you’re favorite person happens to love antique clocks, we’d like to give you a few pointers on searching for one online.

Christmas is a perfect time for an antique clock, Stephens and Stephens Clocks in Havre de GraceCollecting antiques is a passion many know too well. The majority of clocks that were made from the 15th to the middle of the 17th century are now mostly in museums, with a small percentage in private collections. Most of us will never set eyes on these timekeepers nor will many be able to recognize them. Continue reading

The Tick-Tock Sounds of Pendulum Clocks

Gear of pendulum clockPendulum clocks are some of the earliest and most accurate time pieces ever developed. Many major obstacles had to be overcome before the Pendulum clocks became useful, hundreds of years ago. That famous tick-tock sound goes back to the days of pendulum clocks maintaining time in an old grandfather clock, or tall-case clock as they are known, which supplied power to the clock’s movement before the use of electricity and batteries, and after the time that water was used to drive clocks. Continue reading