Collectible Mantel Clocks Enhance Any Décor

A beautiful mantel over a warm fire is usually the center of a comfortable décor – especially during this time of year as we prepare for the coming holidays. A collectible mantel clock can make this décor very special. A collectible mantel clock can be special because it is old, richly crafted or distinctive in some way.

There are many different types of clocks available for the professional or amateur decorator. Some of these are available while on faraway excursions or from a vast collection available on the internet. The source of these clocks is not as important as the look of the collectible mantel clock.

Mantel clocks provide the time unless they are broken or unwound, but the purpose is not usually to keep everybody on time. The collectible mantel clock is usually purchased because of other special qualities. Manufacturers of these clocks make these products to have these special qualities so people will buy them whether they need them or not. Usually people purchase collectible mantel clocks to keep for their lifetime and eventually pass them on to their children and their grandchildren. Collectible mantel clocks like other collectible items often increase in value through the years rather than depreciate in value.

Collectible Mantel Clocks Come In Many Sizes And Materials

A collectible clock might be small or large depending on the size of the room and the mantel. A good decorator will choose a clock that will add color or interest to a décor. Some of these special clocks are modeled on clocks that are used in very impressive homes. These might be in manors or mansions that appear glamorous. People like to imitate these beautiful homes so their home also appears to be gorgeous like some of those seen in pictures.

Some of these beautiful clocks resemble valuable antiques while others celebrate special occasions. There are special anniversary clocks that are presented on the first anniversary and remember each anniversary thereafter in some special way.

Although many of these clocks look old and expensive, some of the modern replicas can be purchased for reasonable prices. Collectible mantel clocks often remind the owners of important periods of history such as the American Revolution or the Modern Era. Other clocks can be reminders of history in other parts of the world or a sample of foreign cultures. Some are worthy of famous queens and kings while some are less grand. Although some of these are made with old fashioned cranks for authenticity, many are operated like other modern clocks with a brand new battery.

Here at Stephens & Stephens Clock, we have a love for clocks – old and new. If you’ve found the perfect clock hidden in the attic (or antique shop), bring it to us for the best and most experienced in refurbishing and repair of antique and collectible clocks.



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